Rogate & District Riding Club Open Dressage Series (Going Ahead)

Show Date
Sun, Nov 13, 2022
Closing Date
Wed, Nov 9, 2022
Starting Times:


Schedule in Progress by the Secretary

Show Secretary: Rogate Riding Club Show Secretary
W Sussex,

Boxgrove Competition Stables, The Street , Boxgrove , Chichester , W Sussex PO180DX

Show Information

Entries close 6pm Wednesday before the date of each competition, or earlier if classes are full.

Payment Details & Event Fees

Show Secretary: Stephanie Richardson, 17 Priory Close, Boxgrove, Chichester, PO18 0EA
Bookings and payment in advance. Entries accepted with payment only.
Payment is secure and it goes directly to Rogate & District Riding Club.
You will receive an email confirmation of your booking and payment.

ENTRY FEES: Members - £14 / Non-members - £19.

Prize Information

THE RENWOOD GEORGE DRESSAGE TO MUSIC TROPHY The Renwood George Music Trophy will be awarded to the horse and rider combination who has gained the most points in the Dressage to Music classes throughout the 2022/2023 Dressage series.

Special Classes

Rogate & District Riding Club Championship Show, to be held in July 2023.
British Riding Clubs Grass Roots Points League, for more details visit their website: clubs/brc-championships/brc-points-league. Points will be awarded to Rogate members throughout the Open Dressage Series 2021/2022 (excluding the Championship show) and prizes will be given to winners at the Riding Club’s AGM. Please see ‘Rules of Entry’ number 11.




No refund of entry fees will be given after the closing date or after the times have been posted on our Facebook page and website, whichever occurs first, unless a valid vet/doctor’s certificate is produced.

Terms & Conditions

Your signature on the entry form shall be deemed as acceptance of these Rules and the Event’s Rules:
1(a). British Riding Club Rules apply.
1(b). Venue rules and regulations apply at all times.
2(a). The decision of the judge(s) is final.
2(b). Competitors may not approach the judge(s) directly unless asked to do so.
2(c). Objections should be made in accordance with BRC Rules and/or the Organiser’s own rules as set out in the event schedule.
3. Disclaimer of Liability. The Organisers or Landowners shall not be liable for any claims for loss or damages to competitors/onlookers/their servants/horses/ponies/other livestock/ pets/vehicles/equipment or any other items in connection with the Event or on the showground however caused. Competitors are to satisfy themselves that they have assessed the risk factor in competing and it is a condition of entry that each participant will satisfy themselves as to their own ability to ride or handle their horse or pony safely and indemnify the Organisers against any accident or loss however caused.
4. Health and Safety.
(a) Precautions will be taken to ensure the health and safety of ALL persons present. For those measures to be effective, everyone must taken reasonable precautions to avoid and prevent accidents and to OBEY the instruction of the Organisers, the Official BRC Stewards and Event Stewards and Officials .
(b) Horse/ponies MUST NOT be tied up outside boxes/trailers and left unattended or tied to any fences.
(c) If any horse/pony has been in contact with any infectious disease it should not attend any events until it is certain that ALL risk of contamination has passed.
5. Any person, whether competitor, family or friend, found to be abusive to any judges, Organisers or stewards will be reported to the relevant Area officials. The competitor could be eliminated and all parties could be asked to leave the venue. Remember ALL Officials and Stewards are volunteers.
6. ALL riders must wear correctly fitting approved protective headgear conforming to BSI STANDARD ASTM, PAS015, SEI OR SNELL E2001 carrying a BSI Kitemark. The headgear must have a retaining harness secured to the shell at more than two points. Headgear must be worn and be corrected fastened at ALL times when mounted. Riders’ hair must be neatly and firmly secured so it is no longer than shoulder length and longer hair to be secured in a hair net.
7. No horse or pony under the age of 4 years may compete in any ridden class. Only horses and ponies competing in the event may be ridden on the venue site.
8. STALLIONS MUST WEAR a Stallion Disc on both sides of their bridle and the correct coloured ribbon fixed in their tail (red, white & blue). No person shall allow a stallion for which he, she or they are responsible as owner, lessee, authorised agent or rider to compete or be prepared to compete in any competition without taking the adequate precaution to ensure other members of the public are not put at risk or injury.
9. Absolutely no lungeing in the outdoor arena.
10. No refund of entry fees will be given after the closing date or after the times have been posted on our Facebook page and website, whichever occurs first, unless a valid vet/doctor’s certificate is produced.
11. Any RDRC member who has gained points in the Members’ Points competition as per this schedule, will be eligible for placing and/or prizes if they have carried out their two required helps before the Club’s AGM.
12. Anyone who is competing, exercising, handling or responsible for a horse and is NOT a British Riding Club member, must have their own third party public liability insurance.
13. Anyone who has qualified for the Championship at 3 different levels must compete at the two higher levels only.

If a professional photographer is present at the show, photos will be on sale from them directly and photos may also be used in show reports to newspapers/magazines. By entering this show you are agreeing to this condition. If you have any objections, please contact the Show Secretary

It is a requirement of Boxgrove Competition Stables that all competitors are to produce their horse’s passport either before or on the day of the competition. Passports can be emailed to


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