National Side Saddle Show Stabling and Hook Up Bookings (Going Ahead)

Show Date
Thu, Aug 4, 2022 to Sun, Aug 7, 2022
Closing Date
Fri, Jul 22, 2022
Entries Open
Tue, May 24, 2022
Starting Times:

Competitors are reminded to read the full show information prior to completing their online booking,

Overnight stable arrivals are welcome from 3pm on the date of booking. STRICTLY NO ARRIVALS AFTER 7PMThis is to ensure that the team can check all horse passports upon arrival, that horses can settle into the centre without constant disturbance, and to allow the centre staff to prepare the event in a timely manner.

Class 0
Stabling and/or Hook Up Only (No Class Entries)    

Show Secretary: Bury Farm Secretary
Bury Farm Equestrian Club, Slapton, Mill Lane, Nr Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, LU7 9BT
Tel: 01525 222114, Mobile: 07568395548, Email:, Website:

Bury Farm Equestrian Centre, Slapton, Mill Lane, Nr Leighton Buzzard, Bucks LU79BT

Show Information

For full show terms and conditions including entry criteria please refer to the NSS schedule. This link is for stabling and hook up bookings.



Payment Details & Event Fees

 All stabling must be paid for in advance of the show by completing this online booking form.

Stabling Information: Yes

Stabling must be booked online via this event link.

Bury Farm will manage stable bookings on behalf of the event organisers. We make very effort to ensure that all competitors enjoy their overnight stays at the centre. Stabling will consist of a mixture of permanent and temporary stables. Permanent stables may be requested but they are NOT guaranteed! Stables may not be booked for the purposes of storage, and they may only be used by horses..Priority stabling will be allocated at the discretion of the venue and the NSS organisers. Stallions will be allocated stabling in our permanent stabling blocks.

It is essential that competitors observe health and safety etiquette in the stabling areas during the show.  Competitors must bring their own tools to the show: they are not provided by the venue.

£50 for one night, £75 for two nights and £100 for three nights or more (duration.) A £10 surcharge has been added to the price of each stable booking which acts as a stable deposit, to be returned to the competitor upon departure. Further information on the stable deposit is provided below. Please select DURATION stabling if staying for 3 nights or more & state arrival day in the stabling notes.
Stables are available from 3pm on the date of booking and must be vacated by 3pm on the day of departure.

Arrival and departure times may be flexed upon request depending upon stable availability.

STRICTLY No arrivals after 7pm. This is to ensure that the team can check all horse passports upon arrival, that horses can settle into the centre without constant disturbance, and to allow the centre staff to prepare the event in a timely manner.

Please call 07568 395548 in the event of emergency.

Day stables may be booked @£25 per day only if overnight stables are not booked to capacity.

Hook Up may also be booked online: £25 per night.

Stables should be left in the condition in which they are found, i.e. clear of droppings, dry and tidy. A stable deposit of £10 will be applied to each stable booking in advance of the show. This is included in the overnight stabling charge and will be automatically applied. Stables will be inspected by stable managers upon each competitor's departure and, on the understandung that stables have been left in an acceptable condition, with shavings banked up to the side os permanent stables, this £10 surcharge will be refunded to the competitor as they leave the show centre. The £10 deposit will be retained by stable managers for stables which require further mucking out. The £10 will also be retained if competitors do not announce their departure to stable managers, and the deposit will not be returned to any competitor after they have departed the show centre.

Hay can be purchased on site during the show.

In line with biosecurity protocols any shavings left in permanent stables will be banked up to the sides. Competitors can then choose to use this bedding as the basis for a bed, or leave it banked up. Shavings can be purchased online when making your stable booking or can be purchased on site for £9 per bale. Shavings must be used in our permanent indoor stables. Competitors are welcome to bring their own shavings.

Ad-lib free straw is provided for temporary stables.


 The Paddocks cafe team will provide a service on each day of competition and will be offering hot and cold food, drinks and snacks throughout show hours.. 


Stabling refunds will only be provided at the centre manager's discretion after consultation with the NSS organisers. A full refund on stabling and hook up will be provided less a £10 adminsitration fee prior to close of stabling entries. A full stabling and hook up refund will not be offered after the close of entries date on stable bookings.

Terms & Conditions

Please ensure you have read all of the information for staying safe and well during your visit to Bury Farm EC

The Bury Farm team looks forward to welcoming competitors to the centre. As the health and safety of all visitors is paramount please ensure that you have read the below information as you will be asked to comply with these guidelines during the course of your visit. We therefore trust that all competitors will remain fit and well during their time at the centre. Bury Farm reserves the right to ask competitors to leave the centre if any of the below guidelines are breached.
On the day of the competition
Competitors will be met by a member of the team at the entrance to the lorry park. Competitors will need to provide identification upon arrival at the centre. NO PERSON MAY ENTER THE SHOW GROUND IF THEIR DETAILS HAVE NOT BEEN PROVIDED TO THE ORGANISERS PRIOR TO THE SHOW. Competitors will be directed to an allocated parking space. Please note that cars may be parked in a separate part of the show ground to lorries.

The Paddocks cafe team will provide a service on each day of competition and will be offering hot and cold food, drink and snacks throughout show hours.
Competitors may not access the livery facilities during their visit to the centre.


All horses must be travelled with passports which can demonstrate that all vaccinations are up to date (Bury Farm operates a 12-month vaccination policy)

Horses must also show no clinical signs of the following when attending the centre:

  1. recent cough of unknown cause
  2. recent nasal discharge of unknown cause
  3. enlarged lymph nodes
  4. fever (>38.5 degrees)
  5. recent onset of neurological signs of unknown cause
  6. diarrhoea

Horses must also 

  1. not be under current investigation for EHV infection
  2. have not been in contact with and is not kept on the same premises as a horse known to have or be under investigation for EHV
  3. have not travelled out of the country for the past 28 days.

Horses should NOT be brought to the centre if they are not in good health on the date of travel.


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