Warminster Saddle Club Totally Tack Winter League Unaffiliated Show Jumping (Going Ahead)

Show Date
Sun, Apr 18, 2021
Closing Date
Fri, Apr 16, 2021
Starting Times:

Please note the clear round between 9 and 9.50 will only contain 8 jumps

Class 1 * Starts 10.00 am

Class 2 * Not before 11am

Class 3 * Not before 11.45am

Class 4 * Not before 12.30pm

Class 5 * Not before 1.15pm 

Class 0
Clear Round Show Jumping (0.40m - 0.45m)    
Entry Fee:
Class 1
Show Jumping (0.60m)    
Entry Fee:
Class 2
Show Jumping (0.70m)    
Entry Fee:
Class 3
Show Jumping (0.80m)    
Entry Fee:
Class 4
Show Jumping (0.90m)    
Entry Fee:
Class 5
Show Jumping (0.95m)    
Entry Fee:
Class 6
Clear Round Show Jumping (0.95m - 1.05m)    
Entry Fee:

Show Secretary: Warminster Saddle Club Show Secretary
Oxendene, Warminster, Wiltshire, BA12 0DZ
Tel: 01985 213925, Email: office@warminstersaddleclub.com, Website: www.warminstersaddleclub.com

Warminster Saddle Club, Oxendene , Warminster , Wiltshire BA120DZ
Map Link: BA120DZ

Show Information

Please note the clear round between 9 and 9.50 will only contain 8 jumps

There can only be 6 horses warming up in the indoor school at one time.

Competition run under single phase rules. Where the height is indicated in the class description, please note the second part (jump off) of the round may be up to three inches higher

You can join the Totally Tack Winter League competition at any time.

You may enter as many classes as you wish, however each class will stand alone as far as points are concerned.

You may compete on more than one pony/horse per class but points will be awarded to the individual pony/horse and rider.

Any horse/pony and rider who have been placed 1-3 three times are not allowed to compete in class 1.

Each height will have its own league table If rider or pony/horse are, or have been, registered with the BSJA in the last 2 years you may only compete in the corresponding classes here

Points awarded on placings to 6th place, 1st place = 60, 2nd place 50, 3rd place 40, 4th place 30, 5th place 20, 6th place 10. There will also be 10 points awarded for every double clear round. All points carried forward to the final day but the points on the Championship day will be doubled i.e. instead of 60 points for 1st we will award 120 points.

The top 15 point scorers in each class will qualify for the championships.

Those riders and horses who have qualified for the Championship round in March will be notified by email and on our website.

Payment Details & Event Fees

Early entries are perferred. You can enter on the day. You can book using our Secure Online Entry System.
Payment is secure and it goes directly to Warminster Saddle Club.
You will receive an email confirmation of your booking and payment.

Class £12.
Clear Round £8.

Prize Information

Rosettes are awarded 1st to 6th.

Terms & Conditions

Disclaimer Neither the Ministry of Defence, Land Warfare Centre, Saddle Club, British Horse Society, Riding for the Disabled Association nor their agents will accept any liability whatsoever for any accident, injury, illness or loss which may occur to any person or their property whilst participating or visiting any event staged at the Saddle Club.

Protective Clothing All riders must wear protective headgear to PAS 015 standard or such other as may reasonably be expected to offer a similar or higher level of protection

Appropriate competition clothing including riding jacket must be worn for the competitions. 


Email Secretary - office@warminstersaddleclub.com
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