8th Iberian Performance Show Entry Passes Only (Going Ahead)

Show Date
Fri, Aug 13, 2021 to Sun, Aug 15, 2021
Starting Times:
SATURDAY Approx. 8.15am start
SUNDAY Approx. 9.15am start

Booking Type 1
Tickets     (Closed)
Ticket Cost:
To include the Evening Gala
Booking Type 2
Tickets     (Closed)
Ticket Cost:

Show Secretary: Iberian Performance Show Entries Secretary
W Sussex,
Tel: 01403 753445, Mobile: +44 (0)7787 147782, Email: showsecretary@iberianperformanceshow.co.uk

Merrist Wood College, Holly Lane , Worplesdon , Nr Guildford , Surrey GU33PE
Map Link: GU33PE

Show Information
Arenas: The Show has 2 competition arenas, Arena 1 & Arena 2, both located in the large Indoor Merrist Wood Riding Arena (waxed track cushioned surface).
Warm up areas: There is a large outdoor warm up area located next to the indoor arena.
For the sake of health and safety reasons, the number of riders in the Outdoor Arena, at any one time, may be restricted. The Outdoor Arena will be strictly stewarded throughout the weekend. The Showground will have a good public address system so competitors will be kept informed of the running order of classes throughout the Show.
Parking: Horseboxes and cars will be parked in the tarmac car park areas surrounding the indoor arena. Forward parking will be available for sponsors, judges, ofcials and disabled visitors. Show ofcials will be on site all weekend to manage parking.
Vet/blacksmith: Mayes & Scrine E.V.P and a blacksmith will be on call throughout the weekend.
Vaccinations: All horses entering the Showground must have up to date vaccinations for equine influenza. Passports must accompany the horse to the Show and be available for checking.
Tradestands & Arena Banners: For details of tradestand spaces & arena banners, please contact sherene@sussexlusitanos.co.uk
Toilets: There are several toilets in the vicinity of the indoor arena.
Local Accommodation: The closest hotel to Merrist Wood is the Worplesdon Hotel www.worplesdonplace.co.uk. There are numerous other hotels and b & bs in Guildford.
First Aid Cover: First Aid personnel will be in attendance throughout the weekend

Payment Details & Event Fees
Additional all day entry passes cost £15.00 for Saturday, to include the Evening Gala / £7.00 for Sunday.

Catering at Merrist Wood: There will be food/refreshments outlets at Merrist Wood from Friday afternoon until the end of the Show on Sunday. Opening times will be available on www.iberianperformanceshow.co.uk closer to the Show date.

Terms & Conditions
1. By completing an entry, whether online or in writing, you agree to the following terms and conditions. 2. Dressage entries will be limited and will be on a frst come frst served basis.Any withdrawals must be made before the close of entries. Any competitor withdrawing after the closing date will not be subject to a refund unless accompanied by a valid Vet or Doctor’s certifcate. 3. All dressage claseses shall run under MCI GB British Dressage or Classical Riding Club rules, according to the class specifcations. 4. All competitors in the dressage classes must compete in the declared order. If a competitor does not present themselves to the steward when called they will be deemed withdrawn. 5. The Iberian Performance Show organisers reserve the right to refuse any entry without reason, to cancel or alter amend details of class times and rings as they see ft without giving reason. Classes may be split if entries warrant. 6. In the unlikely event of the scheduled judge being unable to attend, the Iberian Performance Show organisers reserve the right to appoint a replacement judge. 7. The judge’s and organisers decision is fnal. Any objections must be lodged in writing with the Secretary within 15 minutes of the incident and supported by a £20 deposit, which will be returned if the objection is upheld.8. Any act of discourtesy or disobedience to any judge or ofcial on the part of a owner, rider or groom will, at the discretion of such ofcial, disqualify the horse from being judged and may result in a request to leave the Showground. All entry fees & charges will be forfeited. 9. Merrist Wood College, the Iberian Performance Show organisers, their representatives or helpers do not accept liability for injury, damage or loss suffered by spectators, competitors, their horses, grooms, friends, vehicles or property, however caused, and under any circumstances, except proven negligence of the organisers. Claims for negligence against the organisers must be submitted in writing on the day of competition. 10. No entry will be accepted without a signed acknowledgement of the conditions of entry, including the HARD HAT disclaimer.It is strongly advised that current BSI standard hard hats be worn and properly secured at all times whilst mounted. 11. No competitor will be allowed into any show ring unless correctly attired. 12. All horses must be 4 years old or over and eligible to compete in ridden classes. 13. Lunging is not permitted in any of the arenas at any time. 14. Horses under inadequate control or whose riders/handlers cannot keep them in a manner acceptable to the judge, ofcials or other competitors, will be asked to leave the ring at the judge’s discretion, and may also be asked to leave the Showground. 15. The welfare and health of all horses attending any show at Merrist Wood College is paramount. Misuse of spurs or whips will incur elimination. Any horse deemed to be sick or injured in anyway will be immediately eliminated and the owner shall be asked to remove the horse from the premises.. 16. Horseboxes and trailers must be parked a minimum of 4 metres apart. 17. Horseboxes must carry a fre extinguisher in working order. 18. Dogs must be kept on leads at all times and remain the responsibility of the owner. If any dog is found loose on the College grounds unattended, then appropriate action will be taken. 19. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. 20. It is the responsibility of all competitors to ensure that the grounds of Merrist Wood College are kept clean and litter put in the bins provided. 21. Haynets are prohibited from being tied to the outside of lorries & trailers in the tarmac car park. All droppings are to be cleared away in the bins provided – please leave the car park in a clean & tidy state. 22. The College staff reserves the right to ask any competitor or visitor in breach of these terms and conditions, to leave the grounds immediately. 23. The College reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions should the need arise. 24. Smoking is not permitted whilst mounted, in either the outdoor or indoor arena or within 5 metres of any doorway. There is a designated smoking shelter, clearly sign posted in the car park. 25. In the unlikely event of the Show being cancelled, entry fees will be returned less a small administration charge


Email Secretary - showsecretary@iberianperformanceshow.co.uk
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