The Side Saddle Associations International Judges, Instructors & Members Conference (Going Ahead)

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Sun, May 3, 2020
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Show Secretary: The Side Saddle Association
The Side Saddle Association, The Lodge, Glebe Farm, Broughton Astley, Leicestershire, LE9 6PG
Tel: 01455208345, Email:

Aintree International Equestrian Centre, Aintree Race Course , Ormskirk Road , Aintree , Liverpool , Merseyside L95AS
Map Link: L95AS

Show Information
Open to SSA Members, Non-members & Guests
This day qualifies as a BHS CPD day for BHS Registered instructors provided they are on the register as Side Saddle Specialists. Judges & Instructors are expected to attend a Seminar/Conference at least every three years and must sign in and out to obtain a full day’s accreditation
The Conference is designed to stimulate & encourage, educate & develop skills & knowledge, sharing thoughts & ideas with an interactive influence to work together for the future security of side saddle riding

Johan Ulvede, SMS Master Saddler, Expert in side saddle tree restoration & refurbishment
Patricia Drake, SSA Fellow, SSA A Instructor, Senior Examiner & Panel Judge
Janet Senior, BHS AI (Regd) UKCC Level 2, SSA A Instructor, Senior Examiner & Panel Judge
Amelia Bevan, SSA A Instructor

10.00 Registration. Tea, coffee & biscuits
10.15 - Side Saddle Repair & Maintenance - Johan Ulvede (Viking Saddlery) Signs of a tired or broken tree, what to look for when buying a side saddle - Tree structure / design / strength & weakness - Broken trees / Cantles/ re-plating / welding / re-rivet / cracked split head plates.
10.45 - Training of the horse for side saddle Breed/Type, Age, Confirmation, Action, Way of going, Suitability, Trainability
11.15 - Side Saddle, Balance, Fitting – Riders, Judges, Instructors, Coaches perspective (Interactive workshop) The importance of a correctly fitted side saddle for the horse and rider and how it affects their performance – Balance / Width / Length / Pommels / Jumping / Flat work / Girthing systems / Balance strap fit and purpose / Suitability to the horse and rider
12.00 Open discussion & shared views invited, conclusion & summary of morning programme
12.30 Lunch break
1.30 Instructing, Teaching, Coaching (Interactive workshop) Judging aspect – Constructive criticism, positive feedback & encouragement Instructing - Body awareness - balance, flexibility, stability, harmony between horse & the side saddle rider Coaching - The importance of goal setting, work programmes, self-assessment, & evaluation. The Side Saddle Equitation & Equitation Jumping Competitions - Judging, marking system, mark sheet, scoring & comments made
3.30 Tea, coffee & biscuits
4.00 Open discussion & shared views invited, final conclusion & summary of the day Feedback forms - Attendance Certificates awarded - Sign out

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Ticket Cost: £30 per person to include lunch

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