Bury Farm EC MCI European Championship

Bury Farm EC MCI European Championship (Going Ahead)

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Thu, Oct 4, 2018 to Sun, Oct 7, 2018
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Show Secretary: Bury Farm Secretary
Bury Farm Equestrian Club, Slapton, Mill Lane, Nr Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, LU7 9BT
Tel: 01525 222114, Mobile: 07568395548, Email: events@buryfarmestates.co.uk, Website: www.buryfarmestates.co.uk

Bury Farm Equestrian Club, Slapton , Mill Lane , Nr Leighton Buzzard , Bucks LU79BT
Map Link: LU79BT

Show Information



Programme Finale– 4th – 7th October 2018


Wednesday, 3rd October

            Welcome to all competitors

10h - 19h          Arena walk, warm up and Arena familiarization


Thursday, 4th October

08h30 – 10h     Freestyle Sound check for Friday freestyles plus Arena walk familiarization

10.30                Main indoor arena: Official Opening Ceremony

13h -17h          Outside arena : PRIMERA (young horses test 1)

14h -17h 30      Main indoor arena: SEVILLA (Imposed test level 2)

17h 45              Prize giving : Primera / Sevilla

18h 15 -19h 20 Main indoor arena: MAGISTRALE Inter B FEI (Imposed test level 5)

19h 30              Prize giving : Magistrale


Friday, 5th October

08h 30 -11h 45 Main indoor arena: GOLEGA (Imposed test level 1)

12h 00 -15h 10 Main indoor arena: LISBOA (Imposed test level 3)

15h 20              Prize giving : Golega / Lisboa

15h 50 -18h 35 Main indoor arena: MADRID Saint Georges FEI (Imposed test level 5)

18h 50 -19h 40 Main indoor arena: REYALE Grand Prix FEI (Imposed test level 6)

19h 45              Prize giving :  Madrid / Reyale

20h 15              Freestyle Sound check for Saturday freestyles


Saturday, 6th October

08h 45 -12h 35 Outside arena: NOVILLA (young horses test 2)

09h 15 -12h 25 Main indoor arena: CARMENCITA (Freestyle level 1 Golega)

12h 40              Prize giving : Novilla / Carmencita

13h 10 -16h 00 Main indoor arena:: FLAMENCA (Freestyle level 2 Sevilla)

16h 30 -19h 10 Main indoor arena: FANDANGO (Freestyle for level 3 Lisboa)

19h 20              Prize giving (1): Flamenca / Fandango

19h 45 - 20h15 freestyle Sound check for Sunday freestyles


Sunday, 7th October

08h 30 -11h 30 Main indoor arena: LUSITANIA (Freestyle for level 4 Madrid)

11h 45              Prize giving :  Lusitania

12h 30 -14h 30 Main indoor arena: IBERICA (Freestyle for level 5 Magistrale and level 6 Reyale)

14h 45             Prize giving : Iberica

15h 15 -17h      Prizes Giving Ceremony (7 European Championships; Individual plus overall Team)

            Top 3 mounted for each level


The times indicated are subject to change

Daily prize giving ceremonies will take place in the main indoor arena (unmounted)

Stabling Information: Yes


 Paddocks cafe open during show hours serving hot and cold food, snacks and drinks.

Terms & Conditions

By entering any equestrian class or competition run or held at Bury Farm EC you acknowledge that you are taking part in a risk sport and are a competent rider at the level to which you are competing.
Please refer to our Show Rules & Conditions of Entry.
This may be downloaded from our website or found at Reception.

Email, phone and address details may be used by Bury Farm to communicate forthcoming events at the Centre. These details will not be passed on to any third parties. Please inform the dressage secretary, dressage@buryfarmestates.co.uk if you do not wish to receive communication from the Centre

Withdrawals need to be made in writing and emailed to dressage@buryfarmestates.co.uk


Email Secretary - events@buryfarmestates.co.uk
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