British Riding Clubs Area 9 Open Unaffiliated Horse Trials & NAF BRC Qualifiers (Times Available)

Show Date
Sun, Jul 2, 2017
Closing Date
Fri, Jun 23, 2017
Starting Times:
STARTING TIMES: Times will be on the Area 9 website and the WWEC online system from Wednesday 28th June.
COURSE WALK: Saturday 1st July 2 pm – 6.30pm

Class 1 C
One Day Event - BRC HT 80Q (0.80m)    
Entry Fee:
Unaffiliated: Fences numbered PURPLE
Show Jumping: 80cms speed 325mpm
XC: 80cms speed 435 mpm
Open to horses/ponies who have not completed a BE 100 course, or been placed in top 6 at BE 90 in the current or previous calendar year
Class 2 C
One Day Event - BRC HT 90Q (0.90m)    
Entry Fee:
Unaffiliated: Fences numbered ORANGE
Show Jumping: 90cms speed 325mpm
XC: 90cms speed 450mpm
Horses may have up to 1 BE point up to 11th June 2017
Class 3 C
One Day Event - BRC HT 100Q (1.00m)    
Entry Fee:
Unaffiliated: Fences numbered PINK
Show Jumping: 100cms speed 325mpm
XC: 100cms speed 475mpm
Class 4
One Day Event - BRC HT 100+Q (1.00m - 1.10m)    
Entry Fee:
Unaffiliated: Fences numbered YELLOW)
Show Jumping: 110cms speed 325mpm
XC: 100cms speed 475mpm

Show Secretary: West Wilts Equestrian Centre
Melksham Road, Holt, Nr. Trowbridge, Wiltshire, BA14 6QT
Tel: 01225 783220, Mobile: 07855464075, Email:, Website:

West Wilts Equestrian Centre, Melksham Road, Holt, Trowbridge, Wiltshire BA146QT

Show Information
ENTRIES: Entries close midday Friday 23rd June. Online entry via (NB No online entries for BRC qualifier teams/individuals)
General enquiries to Shelagh Fishlock, Mob: 07951234618.
HORSES & PONIES: May only enter one class
RIDERS: If riding two horses/ ponies please highlight on entry form

There are 3 courses, all over fixed fences and approximately 2 km on permanent pasture.
PURPLE for the 80 CMS ORANGE for the 90 CMS PINK for the 100 CMS and 100cm+
All competitors are responsible for making way for and not impeding overtaking competitors. Inconsiderate riding leading to obstructing another competitor could lead to elimination, at the Steward's discretion.
Elimination and Retiring Any competitor who is eliminated or who retires must leave the course immediately at a walk.
Walking the course. The course will be open for inspection on foot only from 2 until 6.30pm on the Saturday before the competition.
Numbers will be available from the Secretary's office from 1 hour before the first competitor starts on the day of the competition (start fee £10 to include St John Ambulance)

Must be worn (on the arm ONLY) for the cross-country phase by all Competitors. (Spot checks on the day)

Competitors must wear the correct number at all times when mounted. Competitors must supply their own number bibs, the organizers will only provide the paper inserts

Qualified veterinary support will be available, and can be obtained through the Secretary.

Payment Details & Event Fees
Entries in advance. You can enter using our Secure Online Entry System.
Payment is secure and it goes directly to BRC Area 9.
You will receive an email confirmation of your class entry and payment.
Postal Entries Miss Lynda King, 5, The Olde Bakehouse, Brinkworth, Chippenham, Wilts, SN15 5HN email mobile: 07767343835
Cheques payable to Area 9 British Riding Clubs
Entry Fee: £58.00 (£10 start fee on collection of number)

Prize Information
Rosettes will be presented as soon as possible after the completion of each class, but at least 30 minutes after results have been posted.

ENTRY FEES, WITHDRAWALS AND CANCELLATION DUE TO CIRCUMSTANCES BEYOND OUR CONTROL: In the event of abandonment entry fees will be returned less £5 administration fee.

Terms & Conditions
I agree (on behalf of the competing members) to be bound by the rules of British Riding Clubs, and the rules as set out in the WWEC schedule. Rules will be run under BRC Rules for Horse Trials 2017
The organisers reserve the right to refuse any entry No horse or pony may compete in more than one class

Everyone mounted, whether competing or not, must wear an appropriate hard hat (to comply with current BRC/BE Rules. For the XC phase no hat may have a peak.. For the cross country element body protectors are obligatory as per the BRC/BE approved list (See current rule books) Half chaps/matching boots may be worn

These must be in writing and accompanied by a £20 deposit. They must be addressed to the Official Steward and be lodged no later than 30 minutes after the occurrence, 30 minutes after the results have been posted, or in the case of protests against the qualification of competitors or horses, 1 hour after the start of the class. The disciplinary steward will give his/her decision after investigation and his/her decision will be final. The deposit will be forfeited unless the objection is upheld or it is decided there were good and reasonable grounds for lodging the objection.

Neither the organizers, Area 9 Riding Club Officials, nor the sponsors accept any liability for any accidents, injury, illness or damage to horses, owners, riders, spectators, ground or any persons or property whatsoever.

The Organisers of this event have taken reasonable precautions to ensure the health and safety of everyone present. For these measures to be effective, everyone must take all reasonable precautions to avoid and prevent accidents occurring and must obey the instructions of the Organiser and all the Officials and stewards. You are politely requested to comply with the requests of any Riding Club Official or other Official, in order to ensure the safety of yourself and others, while attending the event.

Horses can easily be frightened and can be dangerous. Members of the public are requested to keep clear from horse areas/lanes and to avoid behavior that might alarm horses. Dogs must be kept on a short lead at all times Emergency Services must have access to all parts of the event site at all times and members of the public must not park vehicles so as to obstruct access It is a condition of acceptance of your entry that you have read, and agree to abide by the above rules and requests.


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